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| Meko

Started back in 2015-From little ‘private garage parties’,and nowaday got His ‘iconic’ name written in the history of electronic music (as a DJ).
In 2018, he finished DJ School which was held in Maribor, mentored by Tea Vučkovič and Marko Luk, and that, was the moment he realized – thats who He wants to be – a DJ.
So after years of practicing on a little ‘controller’, he bought His professional DJ equipment in 2019- to get more familliar with ‘Modern DJ Gear’.
Firstly he was interested into Melodic techno, but after years of discovering music, he quickly found his favorite Genre-Hardgroove techno.
As the years of trainings went on,he got his first big gig, next to Tea Vučkovič in Maribor, featured by TV events. And thats when it all started for real.

He already shared the stage with some amazing artists like: Rydel,Veztax, Lilson, Damir Hoffman, Ivana Luga, DJ El Sam, Stanny Abram, Fuma Funaky, Avadox, Petar Dundov, Sasha Mikac, Brtinzz, Tea Vuckovic, and even Sander Van Doorn.
His proper beats are nothing but a proof of how small dream can become reality through years-for anyone,if theres a will.