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[ 2018 - Present ]

It all started in 2017. DJs with completely different styles (Lenokaj, Tom Biz and DJ ST!xX) met at the DJ workshops in Ruše. Soon after the workshop they met at verious events and decided to work together. The first chapter became a reality in 2018 when L.S.T Music Group was officially formed. The name L.S.T comes from the abbreviations of the three founders DJ tags. Lenokaj, ST!xX, Tom Biz. The L.S.T logo was created by Maja Pučko, who was the first graphic designer of the L.S.T Music Group

The Group is constantly evolving . Due to the larger number of members, different sections have been formed. It has been long since the first L.S.T Music event, gathering, private party. Now we are committed to share our passion for electronic music, our culture and cool art, with the world. Different projects within L.S.T involve creators who are skilled, creative and driven by their passion.



Ključarovci pri Ljutomeru 46

9242 Križevci pri Ljutomeru

GSM: + 386 30 354 911

TRR: SI56 6100 0001 8929 606

ID za DDV: 49963244 (Tax ID)