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It’s 2025. Social and political crisis hit. People are divided between the left and right winged political views. Because of tension, hatred came. Some took weapons and started committing crimes against humanity. Because of advanced tehnology and fear, some could relocate themselves to Planet 2. Since then, new colonies of people are living there.


The ones left behind on Earth adapted to a new system, eerily similar to a new anarchist system. New social groups evolved. Some are violent and some are fighting against violence. We got few different groups. Some people remained neutral and they do not belong to any of them. A lot of people have chip inside of them.  Their name or “tag” is imprinded in their body. 


The entire society is controlled by an artificial intelligence, operated by Cyber Society. They represent the elite. Artificial intelligence also tells us this story. Cyber Society is controlling people with magic dust. This is a special mixture of hormones. When you ingest it, you feel much better. It’s designed to keep people away from clear thinking. 


Tech Groups are groups that are the most technologically advanced. They distribute magic dust around areas. They have alot of weapons and cars.  They have dark style / techwear / warcore clothes. Tech Groups are divided in a lot of groups around the world. In series we can se Tech Group #105. They are connected with others. This makes great distribution network. They are not aggressive, but they will remove any obstacles in their way. 

Main characters in series are AN9 (leader of Tech#105), UR5, BT3, TL4 and other side characters. They are all ex-soldiers or special police forces. AN9 usually does not carry a weapon, because others are his guards and soldiers. He takes care of every business of Tech#105. 


 When the crisis began, the Corpse Groups were merely resistance fighters. Over time, they began working with the Techs. Together they found more effective and more safe ways to distribute magic dust around the globe. There are a lot of different Corpse Groups. Some of them are helping Techs and some of them have surrended themselfs to the flow of life. They are living from one day to another, without any higher goal. Magic dust is their escape from reality. A lot of them are smoking and drinking on regular basic. We can say that they are the bottom of society.

Main characters are: Crucis, Tenebris and Lamia. Tenebris made a deal with the devil and Lamia was cursed by Crucis. We also find other characters like Maga and Mentis. Maga is a Witch and Mentis is Mentally ill girl who like to challenges people. Each member of Corpse has some kind of special powers. 


Cyber Society are the elite. They have power and most of them are psycho. They have a constant need for control on people. Cyber Society is made of Leaders and Cyber Police. They made the AI. It helped them took over the world in the big crisis. There was chaos back than and somebody had to take control. They had a brilliant idea for a chemical component, that will keep people active and in control. They called it MAGIC DUST. 

This is a special mixture of hormones. When you ingest it, you feel much better. It’s designed to keep people away from clear thinking. Than Tech’s created FileCoin, which is device that makes magic dust. Tech’s also have a lot better mixture of it. 

Cybers are controlling Cyber Police. They are also receiving comands from AI. AI controls the entire society. Spies and cameras are on every corner. 



Different members of different groups are represented. They are slowly gathering together. AN9 makes a phone call and assembles a pick-up team. They come to a pick-up location and make a plan. Three cars arrive at the pick-up spot. AN9, UR5 and Crucis put the bags out of their car into those three pick-up cars. Once they are done, they leave and the job is done. Magic dust has to be taken to another city. They will drive at night. 

The team reunites the next day. They hang out all day, until they get a message from AI. They have a new task to do. AI sends them a new location. The pick-up car is now TL4. She must deliver magic dust to Corpse #0151. AN9 and Crucis arrive on the pick-up spot and they load the bags. Than they both leave together.

AN9 drops Crucis in the  underground and she smokes and drinks until dawn. AN9 and UR5 take magic dust and fall asleep. The new day, Tenebris is smoking and waiting for Crucis and Lamia. 


Tech and Corpse are hanging out and having a good time. After a long day, they receive call from AI and they have to prepare for the next business. 

The sun comes out and team reunites. They have to move guns for Tech #0152. Cyber Police suspects something. They almost catch them.

Once they are done, they go to a party. They take magic dust and enjoy the rest of the night. This party is illegal. They are having a good time. At the end of the night, Crucis decides to go back to the underground. 


Filecoin: an object made by the Tech team. It creates magic dust with different, but better effects than the original. It is illegal to have it in possession. 

Tech and Corpse are making magic dust. They are selling it. Payments are done on a encrypted blockchain.

The deal was successful, but Cyber Police found out about money transaction and sent a spy to find their location and intentions. He found out about the filecoin. Cyber Police was dispatched to take the filecoin. 

AN9 got a call from Tech #1562, that Cyber Police is on the way. He breaks the filecoin in two pieces. They can’t use it with only one half. The team escaped but AN9 got caught. 


The series consists of several episodes in first season. If you want to learn more about this story, please watch episodes or read about every episode below. You can also financially support this project with purchase of Tokens or with PayPal.